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Personal Styling Consultation

In this comprehensive, one-on-one consultation, we delve into your personal style, lifestyle, and wardrobe needs. Here's what you can expect:

  • The Process: We'll start by discussing your lifestyle, including your work, social, and personal life, to understand your wardrobe needs for different occasions. Next, we'll assess your body type, color palette, and personal preferences.

  • Goals: By the end of the consultation, you'll have a clear understanding of what styles, cuts, and colors flatter you most, and you'll be equipped with practical style suggestions tailored to your lifestyle.

  • A Report: After our session, you'll receive a detailed style report with specific clothing suggestions, a guide to assembling outfits, and recommendations for places to shop.

Consultations can be held online or in person, according to your preference. 

Pricing starts at $25 or ₹2000


Wardrobe Makeover

Transform your clothing collection with our comprehensive wardrobe makeover service. Here's what the process entails:

  • The Process: This service goes beyond a basic consultation. We will meticulously assess your current wardrobe, determining what to keep and what to discard based on your personal style and lifestyle. We will then reorganize your wardrobe for effortless outfit selection, identifying gaps and suggesting key pieces that align with your personal style.

  • Goals: Our goal is to provide you with a streamlined, functional wardrobe that truly represents you. You will have a renewed sense of clarity and confidence when selecting outfits each day.

  • Duration: The process is thorough and might take up to a week. During this time, we will conduct an in-depth assessment, organization, and restructuring of your wardrobe, followed by personalized recommendations for new additions.

  • The Report: You will receive a comprehensive report detailing your wardrobe assessment, the changes made, and our suggestions for additions tailored to your style. 

This service can be provided through an online or in-person meetings, depending on your preference. 

Pricing starts at $50 or ₹5000


Shopping Assistance

Our Shopping Assistance service streamlines your shopping experience, ensuring you make purchases that truly enhance your personal style. This service can be tailored to a physical shopping trip or an online shopping session, based on your preference. Here's what this service involves:

  • The Process: The service kicks off with an assessment of your existing style and wardrobe needs, which allows us to define your shopping goals. With these insights, we'll guide you through various brands, styles, and trends during the shopping trip or session. We're here to help you make informed decisions about what items to invest in, and how to maximize your budget and wardrobe potential.

  • Personalized Approach: This is not just about buying clothes; it's about understanding your style preferences and making smart, strategic decisions that reflect your individual style and lifestyle needs.

  • Goals: The ultimate goal of this service is to make shopping an enjoyable, productive experience for you. By the end of the session, you'll have new pieces that align perfectly with your personal style and a deeper understanding of how to make strategic fashion choices in the future.

  • Duration: This service can be tailored to your schedule and preference for either physical or online shopping. Typically this service would take 2 hours of consultation and half a day of shopping.

This service also can be provided through an online or in-person meetings, depending on your preference. Shopping can be done in-person or online shopping. 

Pricing starts at $50 or ₹5000


Event Styling

Make a lasting impression at your next special occasion with our comprehensive Event Styling service. Whether you're attending a wedding, corporate event, or themed party, we're here to ensure you shine. Here's what you can expect:

  • The Process: This service begins with a detailed consultation to understand your needs, the theme of the event, and the image you desire to project. We then curate personalized outfit options, recommend accessories, and suggest hair and makeup styles that complement the look. For multi-day events, we offer multiple outfit options to ensure you stand out at every occasion.

  • Shopping Assistance: We will also assist with the shopping process, whether that's a physical shopping trip or an online session. We're here to ensure the pieces you select align perfectly with your style and the event's requirements.

  • Day-of Support: On the day of your event, we will be present to ensure you look stunning and feel confident. This can involve final outfit checks, accessory adjustments, and providing overall styling support.

  • Goals: Our aim is to help you feel confident and memorable at your event. By the end of our service, you'll not only have a perfectly curated look for your occasion but also a greater understanding of how to style yourself for future events.

This service can be a mix of online and in-person meetings, depending on your preference. 

Pricing starts at $90 or ₹7500


Personal Fashion Stylist

Experience the epitome of luxury and style with our Personal Fashion Stylist service. This offering goes beyond a single event or occasion - we're here to revamp your style entirely, providing regular, personalized attention to ensure you consistently look and feel your best.

  • The Process: Our service includes regular wardrobe consultations, curated outfit selections, shopping assistance, and complete event styling. We ensure every aspect of your style reflects your unique personality and fashion goals.

  • Goals: Our goal is to elevate your style journey and unlock your true fashion potential. We work closely with you to curate looks that boost your confidence and leave a lasting impression.

  • Ongoing Support: As part of this service, you will receive a personal styling consultation once a week, along with physical or online shopping assistance twice a month. This ensures your wardrobe stays current and your style stays impeccable.

  • Event Styling: For those special occasions, our service includes all forms of event styling. Whether it's a wedding, corporate event, or casual gathering, we've got you covered.

Step into a world of bespoke fashion and experience the transformative power of our Personal Fashion Stylist. Elevate your style, exude confidence, and make a statement with our exclusive styling service.

Pricing starts at $119 or ₹10,000 per month

Introducing our comprehensive range of services. From personal styling consultation to wardrobe makeovers, shopping assistance, and event styling, we offer tailored solutions to enhance your style, confidence, and make a lasting impression at any occasion.

It's your time to shine

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